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Clinicians Dedicated to caring for Minnesota's older adults

MAGIC ACE Resources

Committee Chair: Alison Romstad, DNP


The Metro Alliance of Geriatric Providers formed as a group of geriatric primary care organizations serving residents in long term care, transitional care, assisted living and other senior living communities.

In 2018 the Metro Alliance merged with the Minnesota Association of Geriatrics Inspired Clinicians and became the Clinical Practice Alliance Committee (CPAC).

In the fall of 2021, the CPAC Committee changed their name to MAGIC ACE - MAGIC Alliance for Clinical Excellence.

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The MAGIC Alliance for Clinical Excellence (ACE) is a committee of geriatric primary care organizations serving residents in long term care, transitional care, assisted living and other senior living communities. The purpose of MAGIC ACE is to create common, evidence-based approaches to care from our collective wisdom and practices.

Committee Type/Program Area

This Committee is a standing committee formed to serve at the direction of the Minnesota Association of Geriatric Inspired Clinicians (MAGIC). MAGIC ACE will work to ensure a higher quality health and wellness experience for older adults while supporting MAGIC’s purpose to advocate for and serve those with complex medical needs.


MAGIC membership is open to any public member who has an interest in geriatric health care. MAGIC members have the opportunity to opt into the MAGIC ACE committee as a volunteer and representative on behalf of their organization. MAGIC ACE members are encouraged to be active participants in meetings and workgroups. MAGIC ACE membership will be designated upon annual MAGIC membership registration, renewal, or upon request. There is no limit to the number of MAGIC ACE committee members. Committee meetings may include MAGIC members and non-MAGIC members at the discretion of the chair.


MAGIC bylaws require the MAGIC board to appoint the MAGIC ACE committee chair.  The current chair of MAGIC ACE is Alison Romstad, DNP

Activities, Duties, Responsibilities of MAGIC ACE

  1. Identify opportunities for care improvement in geriatric services within Minnesota.
  2. Collaborate to develop evidence-based best practices in geriatric services.
  3. Liaison with service providers & health systems to educate community on best practices and support adoption of best practices developed in collaboration with the Committee.
  4. Maintain a current online resource for the public dissemination of all collaboratively developed materials.
  5. Advise MAGIC on opportunities for advancement of their purpose to advocate for, and serve those, with complex medical needs.
  6. Represent the geriatric provider services community at state and local meetings of stakeholders.

Standard Committee Procedures and Meeting Schedule

  1. Meetings will be held at least biannually.
  2. MAGIC ACE member votes will be used to determine approval of initiatives.
  3. MAGIC ACE will keep meeting minutes which will be reviewed and approved by committee members at the following meeting.

Delegation of Authority

MAGIC ACE is empowered by the MAGIC Board to pursue the activities, duties, and responsibilities outlined above and consistent with the vision and purpose of MAGIC. MAGIC ACE will report meeting minutes to the MAGIC Board for review and provide an update on initiatives at board meetings as a standing agenda item.

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Heidi Holste, Executive Director

PO BOX 367

Rosemount, MN  55068



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