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Clinicians Dedicated to caring for Minnesota's older adults


The Minnesota Association of Geriatrics Inspired Clinicians (MAGIC) is a membership organization whose purpose is to support its members as they advocate for, and serve those, with complex medical needs. Its predecessor organization, the Minnesota Medical Directors Association, was founded in 1978. MAGIC was created in 2017 as an organization with broader membership and in response to the changing paradigm of care for older, and medically complex, persons.

Join a Committee 

  • We encourage you to become involved with MAGIC and serve on one of the committees that are working to ensure a higher quality health and wellness experience for older adults.
  • Choose from Education, Annual Meeting, Topics Newsletter, Membership, and MAGIC Alliance for Clinical Excellence (ACE)



  • Opportunities for attending and giving presentations at educational events on geriatrics practice 
  • Access to Members' Only information and resources 
  • “E-news” letter TOPICS for members published 6 times per year for members to stay connected and current about geriatric care.
  • Learn and advance evidence-based aspects of geriatric care


  • Raise awareness about the need for geriatric/gerontology education in Minnesota
  • Promote public policy to champion the needs for care services for geriatric patients
  • Be the voice of geriatric medicine in the state of Minnesota


Heidi Holste, Executive Director

PO BOX 367

Rosemount, MN  55068



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