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MMDA's TOPICS in Geriatrics Medicine and Medical Direction Newletters

June 2016: Faulty Processes, Not Faulty Humans: The Causes of Human Error
By Jane Pedersen, MD, MS

By Mark R. Kosieradzki

February 2016: The Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program
By Tom Arneson, MD, MPH

December 2015: Quality Nursing Home Care in the 21st Century:
Trends from AMDA’s and MMDA’s Annual 2015 Conferences and the Literature
By Jane Pederson, MD, C. Dwight Townes, MD, and George Schoephoerster, MD

October 2015: Evolution of Consulting Pharmacy and Medication Management
By Joe Litsey, Pharm.D. CGP

August 2015: Prescribing Dietary Supplements in the Nursing Home: Yes, No, or LET BE?
By Dr. Nick Schneeman and Heather Blue, PharmD

June 2015: Evidence and Barriers for Herpes Zoster Vaccine in the Long Term Care Setting
By: Katherine Montag Schafer, PharmD, and Shannon Reidt, PharmD, MPH

April 2015 :Managing Residents with Parkinson’s Disease in Long-Term Care
By: Martha A. Nance MD

February 2015: The Evolution of Dementia into Neurocognitive Disorder: History and Implications for Clinical Practice and Coding
By: Edward Ratner, MD, and David Atkinson, MD

December 2014:Quality Nursing Home Care in the 21st Century: Trends from AMDA’s Annual Conference 2014 and the Literature
By C. Dwight Townes, MD, and George Schoephoerster, MD

June 2014: Hypercalcemia in the Elderly: A Pragmatic Discussion of Three Cases
By: John Mielke, MD

April 2014: Assessment of Capacity to Make Medical Decisions
By Matthew R Kruse, MD and Jan E Apple, MD

February 2014: New Expectations for Dementia Care: Moving Beyond Medications
By Patti Cullen, President/CEO, Care Providers of Minnesota

December 2012:F-329: Unnecessary Drugs – Antipsychotics and Their Renewed Focus
By: Rich Januszewski, M.S.,Pharm.

June 2011: The Role of the Medical Director
By John Mielke, MD